Domain of One’s Own

The Domain of One’s Own movement is one of my passion projects that extends beyond my professional duties within academia. Over the last few years I have created a support network around one of the newer and more flexible web hosting solutions available at Stanford right now, Stanford Domains. I have collaborated with many campus partners to empower everyone from students to faculty to develop their own homes on the web. Why? Because I want to equip everyone outside of IT with the resources and skills necessary for them to build confidently with the same standards we set for ourselves. Everyone deserves to have their own home on the web!

Stanford Domains is actually a white label education-focused hosting service provided by Reclaim Hosting. While Reclaim does not aim to serve the general public, individuals and organizations outside of academia can utilize their hosting services. Their middle tier shared hosting plan with unlimited near everything, sans space (caps at 10GBs), is only $50 a year. Eat your heart out, GoDaddy!

The video from my most recent Stanford Domains (of One’s Own) training is now live. Check it out below. Again, I used Chris Yee’s iframe CSS responsive hack for this video. It works just as great for YouTube video embeds as it does for Google Slides!

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