Free web server via Amazon Web Services (Amazon EC2)

While perusing the technology magazine section at Barnes & Noble today I noticed a cover blurb proclaiming a method to host your own web server for free using Amazon Web Services (AWS). After reading their tutorial and checking out AWS on my own I was pleased to confirm their claim! Well, it’s free for certain levels and flavors of chosen server operating systems and only for one year- still, it’s a nice deal!

I’ve heard of Amazon’s cloud services over the years but I’ve never investigated it further for my own use. Yes, it’s the same Amazon that we all know and love for their FREE Super Saver Shipping!

I plan to signup for an AWS account in the coming weeks. My configuration will likely be Amazon EC2’s free Windows Micro Instance: Microsoft Windows Server 2012. I’ve had a Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Virtual Private Server (VPS) from BurstNet for several months just to play around with having my own web server. I really enjoyed it but decided it wasn’t worth keeping just for my personal web sandbox.

Stay tuned for progress updates!

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