There is no such thing as delete

I, like many people, turn to Google and run my own search queries when major news breaks. When I heard about the stabbings at Lone Star College today I immediately started searching for details. Beside the fact that this was incredibly upsetting news, the Lone Star College system has a special place in my heart. Later in the evening I watched a couple of video news reports online. One report in particular spoke on how a group of IT experts found an old blog post about Dylan Quick that was deleted earlier today- but those IT magicians made it appear! Locating unpublished, deleted or even previous versions of web pages, files and images isn’t impossible and anyone can do it if they know where to look.


Wait, nope, not deleted:

I’ve worked with jr. high, high school and even college level students on the subject of Internet privacy. I cannot stress enough, once you put something online, it’s there forever. Personally I am very open with my life online, but I never share anything I wouldn’t mind everyone seeing. YOU should be your own privacy filter- do not rely on technology.There is no such thing as delete.

*Update: The Google cache on the page has finally expired. A good example of how things never truly go away:

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